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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Original hell

Original HELL  

 For those that think they can redeem themselves by their blood after Christ must have rapture the Saints. Just take time and go through the pictures below. Sad enough, the pains of hell may be more gruesome than this.

Some may say, God is kind and merciful, he can't let his creation go through such pain. Well, I agree with you completely, God can never let his loved children suffer this way and this is why he is warning us before hand to follow the steps of Christ. God doesn't wish this for us, this is why he had to endure the sight of Jesus pains and suffering on the cross just for us.
If God endured seeing his only son humiliated on the cross, if he

 didn't spare angels, if he endured the flood experience in the time of Noah, if he didn't spare Sodom and Gomorrah. Then, Don't think he will spare you.

We have sufficiently, his grace and mercy for amendments now. His grace and mercy ends at death. Pray to him now for Grace to stand above sin, pray to him for forgiveness, pray to him for strength to fight this fight of faith.


God help us all. Amen

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